Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream and Prevention and the Committee, which also indicates that fast, he said, peace be upon him «Fasting» .
and perhaps indicated by the Almhaggag friend. The gear Adib cream man, obedient to his brothers efficient in everything from the virtues, keep them in hardship, and Nasser. Gear and the White man with a religion. Green gear and a man with a shield.Red gear and a man of fun and pleasure. Gear and black man with money and Sadd.If a person sees with the gear, the weapons of his enemies do not pray to it happening to. The manufacturer or dealer saw that when the subject gear luggage, or in his shop, or when it Maamelih feeble man, has made ​​his right hand a committee to sell it and buy it and treat it to be spent, though he was born he was born are enough supplies and shield them hardship. And the gear if the value it shows a beautiful woman affluent, the gear was not of value it shows an ugly woman.

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