Seeing The gecko In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The gecko In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The gecko In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi gecko

A type of salamanders. In a dream indicates the person is bad, corrupt people gossip and insults, and sign them enmity and hatred, and teaches them evil, and forbids all good. The gecko indicates poverty or sorrow or a man humiliated. If the gecko entered the patient died, because it is toxic death.

Gecko: (See Wall gecko)

Vision gecko

 The gecko, it devolves enemy weak Bagh spoil the gossip among the people, it is felt that any of them hit it infects a human being as well as in a vision is not good enough and not inter gecko as you do not do with out of any kind. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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  1. In my dream at around 02+ am, I was trying to escape from number of geckos which were trying to attack me. I was running very faster in between them and kept on chanting Ali Moula. At the extreme time as the land is not ending without geckos(all around geckos) still running faster, suddenly i was flying. Then i woke up as i was feared and i could hear i was shouting while i was assleep and dreaming. Time when i woke up was: 02+ a.m. Few days ago I found a big snake in a head lifted high like in a attacking position and having milk (which was flowing from source less top WALL. Suddenly a dog like animal tries to attach that milk drinking snake but could not harm it. (*** I think the dog hurt or could not hurt other snake which was quite far away from milk drinking snake.) I am sure that the dog did not able to hurt that milk drinking snake.Please let me know the caution.

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