Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



His vision in a dream indicates women with beautiful bodies, said Hassan, great money, if they are voted Noaúh.
It is considered that takes care of it takes care of geese with the elevation of a people, and win them money. And it was said that the geese are a man, melancholy and authority on land and sea. And geese from land and from the municipal, Valaoz road show to see employers travel Kaltjar on land and sea, and geese municipal people or grief or pairs or property or neighborhood or slaves or guards.
and perhaps shown goose on a beautiful woman or obese and Asrakhhen in the place they are and moodiness because of death or burning or sinking. Geese and eggs for those who felt that he owned a lot of money to those who take it.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Geese: In a dream, geese represent beautiful women, handsome men or money. Honking gees in a dream represent death, drowning, crying or women in mourning. Herding geese in a dream means becoming a leader or presiding over people, earning their respect and becoming wealthy through them. A goose in a dream represents a man under stress. Geese in a dream also represents survivability and control of life in water and on land. Wild geese in a dream represents travels, business, property, moving into a new neighborhood. Geese eggs in a dream represent wealth.

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