Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Waistband and Christian exegesis was born, it is considered that the Znarh lost his son died. The girdle feature rituals and worship and the acceptance of and obedience to the wearer of the Christians, the Muslims of other D to fame and packages to the people of the good and the victory of the religion.
and perhaps Del adultery and fire, and perhaps indicates that mediate age. The girdle indicates if born on new clothes, under clothes if indicated by the corruption of religion and the world.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision girdle

Girdle and construed in two ways: it is considered that the intensity of the middle whether it Mistura interpreted in good faith and the maintenance or the past half-life.

It felt: that his hand Znara it shows the weakness of his religion, but never saw him in the middle of it tends to infidelity.

Vision of straw

And straw construed goodness and grace, and for want of any kind.

Vision of Baydar

And-Baydar construed collects money tired and storage with his wife.

It felt: that he had bought or Piedra gave him, it indicates the request of a woman characterized in that capacity in question.

Vision skin animals

And skin of animals with good and beneficial construed as often attributed to him that the skin of the animal skins and construed aspects:

Daniel said: human skin construed Decorative and Sports.

And said Ibn Sireen: Skin, Lester and a pond.

It felt: his skin black or blue, it indicates sorrow and distress.

It felt: Leather his leg black it indicates to spend the his needs and it was said skin of all the animals is money and the benefit of and usefulness of.

Vision Pulley

And pulley construed server Khazindar what was seen in that of Zain or Shin construed it.


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