Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is in a dream they are. And interpreted that it is the essence of women.
It felt glass has hidden it appeared to him and everything turned out, although Glass does not hide anything. With regard to the works of stained glass Those suspicions of money, husbands, children, and the hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of it and take any medicine that evidence of the scholars and wise men. It is bought or caught in a dream or essence glass Ledra Besdf is indicated by his choice this world to the Hereafter, or disobedience to obedience, or it falls back from his religion.


It is in a dream indicates the vanity himself and his wealth, and the endorsement of fools. Dalal, glass, Roman slaves.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision glass

 As for glass, said Daniel construed women.

Ibn Sirin said: white glass was made ​​if it is construed to religion and the world, especially if it was written his name, though it construed the property next to him .

 It felt: that the glass in his hand and he signed it and break called his wife, the woman did not have a woman dies of his relatives.

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