God said

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


God said

If he saw one of the Council, such as reading the Koran and prayer, a poem of asceticism and worship it shows that the generalized architecture of that place on the court as much as reading and health.
It felt that he mentions God a lot, it supports his enemies. The reminder of the people, the masculine in her dream man mentor will save people from their sins, and was a merchant delivers them from the loss.
and saw that it was little and not eligible for, it in their disease, which God calls his private part, the spoken words of righteousness and wisdom, and was honest in mentioning Faotah vagina and recover from his illness, and to come out of the tight capacity, and concludes from the religion of it, or supports the unjust, it was his bad Vibeef it and speak it with some mocked him and laughing.

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