Seeing The gold In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The gold In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The gold In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi gold

Is in a dream is hated. And it was said that cloud.
and saw that it was a bit of gold wear it Asahir folk him incompetent. The slug struck gold, afflicted as much as they struck gold, or irritated by the Sultan and fined. And if he sees it dissolves gold, in Jusam is hated, and signed in the tongues of the people.
It felt that he was given a large piece of gold it receives authority and the post.
It felt that he had found JD is correct, it sees the face of the king, and because of it unscathed. The thought that casting gold won sinister and lethal.
It felt that his house of gold afflicted fire.
It felt that his hands of gold, main characters and Sarta without movement.
It felt that his eyes went blind eyesight.
It felt that it necklace of gold, silver or beads or the core mandate of the Crown, and has held the secretariat. Shows to see gold at weddings and livelihoods, and good works and concerns go, and the spouses and children, and the knowledge and guidance. And if in a dream became a gold silver indicates that change is indicated by the case of women, money, children and servants of the increase to the shortage, as if the silver became gold in a dream indicates that the well-being than is indicated by the couples or family or clan. And woven with gold and similar to or worship God, and the gold-plated it shows the children to imitate the work of the people of this world or the Hereafter. The pure gold and silver indicates the sincerity and purity of intention and the right of the Covenant, and spun from gold and silver continuing livelihood, as well as stretching of copper and iron.

 See the gold

Of the opinion that he struck gold it fall ill, they and is hated or goes his money as it saw that it was struck from the gold and the number is known to better than the unknown number is of the opinion that struck dinars known it fall ill from worry as much that, although unknown does not know the number, the main concern is far more powerful and saw that a man gave him a dinar it man oppressed but felt that he paid it to the one it is unjust and perhaps dinars if the five the five daily prayers, the lost none of them, it lost some of the five daily prayers is of the opinion that he hit one Dinar, it affects boys and may be trusted, the money shall be a traitor It is believed that the dead had given him peace of dinars and the dinars injustice is easier than gold dust and saw that it was struck gold in place semi-vase, jewelry and the like it fall ill, they are more of dinars and saw that it was said to dissolve the gold it contains the words of ill and discharged which is not the Dream Interpretation in Islam

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