Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Rizk is in a dream of good and durable. And grapes at the wrong time before he does the time and may precipitate was forbidden to him before his time. It grabbed a cluster sum of money received from a woman. And black grapes livelihood does not remain, and if he is in his time were, and if at the wrong time is a disease. Medley, although it shows extreme fear. And black grapes picked from the door of the Sultan, it hits the whips. White grapes can only be good and healing Noah, peace be upon him, although afflicted tuberculosis God revealed to him that all the grapes he did and was healed of his illness. The benefit of a few black grapes, and was told It is who they are. The best grapes in his time and demonstrates the benefits of the women or because of women.
and perhaps Del eat grapes in bed to hit the wine, as evidenced by drinking wine grapes to eat. Perhaps the grapes for sustenance, cream, or if a defect Sahvth. [See generosity.

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