gray hair

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


gray hair

Is in a dream and tar of events, a sign of longevity, of weakness and poverty.
It felt beard Chiba integrates whiteness is not the highest quality of strength and dignity. The young man with his head a pregnant woman came to him a male child.The woman saw her head, the gray hair changed by her husband or wife Bjarah. It was graying head is absent or the arrival of guests. Graying hair and the body of the rich shows losing money and a poor religion can not make it up. The graying woman unknown evidence that the implant may, Lips and military flight Shipp, Shipp, and the patient’s death. And afraid of the gray safety of a ruler or king.
It was graying woman ugly words you hear from the relatives of her husband’s family, and perhaps indicated by the divorce.
It felt the same, may have perished marred his religion or his money went. He was the son Serene Almighty God’s mercy to those who hated gray hair did not grow up and say Money does not decrease gray hair, especially if long hair. The Chiba saw that it was plucking his hair from the year and it violates the dignified Senate.
and possibly graying beard del on the dimension and estrangement.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Gray hair: For young people, gray hair in a dream means dignity and it could mean longevity, weakness or poverty. If gray hair grows in one’s beard and head in the dream, it means poverty. Seeing half gray hair mixed with one’s beard in a dream means strength, dignity and honor. If one’s wife is pregnant, and if he sees his hair turned gray in the dream, it means that she will beget a son. Ifone sees himself plucking out gray hair from his beard in a dream, it means that he respects the elderly people and honor religious scholars. If a woman sees her hair turned gray in a dream, it means the arrival of guests, or it could mean that her husband is having a mistress. Ifa rich person sees his body covered with gray hair in a dream, it means major business losses, while for a poor person it means debts that he cannot repay. The gray hair of an unknown woman represents a drying crop. If a soldier sees his hair gray in a dream, it means his weakness or defeat in the battlefield. If a sick person sees his hair gray in a dream, it means his death and shrouding. If a person is afraid of something then sees his hair gray in a dream, it means appeasement of his fears, or amnesty given by a ruler or ajudge deciding in his favor. It is also said that woman’s gray hair in a dream means that she will be insulted by her in-laws, or it could mean divorce. If one’s gray hair increase, but still include some black hair in the dream, it means dignity and reverence. If no black hair remains, then it means a rebuke or a reprimand one will hear from his superior. If one’s black beard turns gray in a dream, it means that he may fail in his religious life, or lose his wealth. If one discovers two or three gray hairs in his black beard in a dream, it means that he will beget a son or that someone he loves will return from a long journey. If the hair of one’s chest turns gray in a dream, it means that his food will become spoiled. Seeing one’s beard brilliantly gray and beautiful in a dream means honor and fame throughout the lands. To pluck a gray hair in a dream also means disrespect for the elderly. Gray hair in a dream also means poverty, debts, pain, distance from others, being harsh with others, or imprisonment.

(Also see Dye; Elderly person)

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