Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of the opinion that he had handed to a man in a dream and not between them enmity or quarrel, the Muslim it affects the Muslim happy, secure and good, if their enmity Zafar Muslim a Muslim it, and the security of his evil, it was recognized by an old man unknown, it is safe from the punishment of Allah Almighty , the senators had known it receives Graça and fruit in plenty, if a Muslim young man unknown, it is safe from his enemy and that the Muslim wants the engagement to a man reported his answer, it is her husband of proposes marriage to her, but did not return his answer did not marry him, it was their trade him by the Lord His answer, that trade between them heal, even if it is not healed did not take place, the enemy, peace be upon him and his gift to the enemy, ask him peace, and leads his religion, or be fined. Saw that it was shy of the greeting he accepted an unknown, it delivers, and is peace, and be rewarded, it did not give it back, did not accept sin, not be rewarded. And it was said, and saw that it was delivered to a man won the mines.
It felt that shaking hands was familiar with from him, greets him, and embraced, it is better and shows the good words he hears and speaks in kind. The enemy saw that it was shaking hands and embraced, it indicates that his hostility go away.
It felt that the angels of peace they greeted him whom God insight and good consequence. And peace in a dream indicates manageable for a Muslim it, and perhaps Del peace on the need for calling those who will restore peace be upon him, the reply of one he won with Arovernm, or else not sell his goods, or did not accept the saying among the people, and the request need not starts one of peace could not be toilet . In other words, although some people began before peace is indicated on the violation of the year and the tendency to heresy. And that a peace be upon him did not respond, or restitution by reference, indicates that the surrender.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Greetings: Greeting someone in a dream means receiving benefits from him. Ifone greets an opponent in a dream, then it represents evil or war between them. If one sees an unknown old man greeting him in a dream, it means safety from the divine chastisement for one’s sins. Ifthe old man is known to him, then it means prosperity. If one is a farmer, it means that he will buy seedlings of fruit trees for his farm. If the greetings are given by an unknown young person in the dream, it means that one will escape from the blow of his enemy. Ifone is seeking marriage, then the greetings mean a positive reply. Otherwise, if one greets someone he does not know in a dream, and if the other person does not reply, it means that his request for marriage will be denied. If two merchants greet one another in a dream, it means that their business will succeed, and if the second merchant does not reply to the greetings in the dream, it means that their partnership will dissolve. If one’s enemy greets him and brings a gift to him in a dream, it means that he is seeking reconciliation and is willing to pay damages for a settlement. If one is greeted with an unknown expression and to which he replies with a common greeting in the dream, it means that he will be saved from a fatal accident, though he will be rewarded for his reply. However, if he does not accept it, or reply to it in the dream, it means the opposite. Ifone sees himself shaking hands with someone, then embracing him in a dream, it means that he will receive glad tidings, good news, hear good words to which his reply will be the same, or it could mean a knowledge he will teach to others. Ifone sees himself shaking hands and embracing his enemy in a dream, it means that their disagreement will cease. Ifone sees the angels greeting him in a dream, it means that his insight will grow. Greetings in a dream represent submissiveness, surrender, or the need for a reply concerning an interest one has with the other party. If one commences talking to someone before greeting him in a dream, it means innovation, and the same interpretation is given if he does not reply to


a greeting, or ifhe replies with a gesture. Paying the regards of peace at the end of one’s prayers in a dream means pursuing one’s path, following the proper traditions, completing one’s job, resignation from one’s job, appointment, dis-missal, travels and profits. If one ends his prayers beginning his greetings from the left, then proceeding to the right in a dream, it means that he pursues the road of evildoing and innovation. If one ends his prayers without the traditional greetings in a dream, it means that he is more interested in collecting his profit, than in protecting his capital investment. (Also see Prayerst)

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