Seeing The Hall In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Hall In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Hall In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Hall

Is one in a dream and ordered him courage, and soft and courage, and tact and presence, and Sobhth and character, saw the panic in his heart, it guides to the right, the verse {even if Vzg from their hearts, they said ‘What did your Lord. They said the right} . King of the body and the heart is based ordering in his religion and worldly affairs, and his secret and Alanath.
It felt that his heart went out of his chest of good faith. It was said that accrue Balnsoh hearts.
It felt cut off his heart was sick and had recovered from his distress. And heart indicates the wife’s vision because it is arranged for all the man had. Religion and human heart and his intelligence. It saw his heart in kind is his intellect and understanding, good faith and good pronunciation.
and perhaps Del heart to master a human or a princess.
It felt that his heart was kidnapped from his chest flew his heart for fear or spoil his religion.
It felt his heart Black is a stray comet had my uncle for his senses. But felt his heart was cut off from the people of fear and asceticism was his heart with God will not distract him concern for his fear of it. And replace the heart of the measure.Militarization and the heart of the Sultan.
It felt that his heart fails it leaves the dispute or travel or a marriage. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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