Seeing The hand In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The hand In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The hand In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi hand

Ahsan is a man in a dream, back and Sindh. It is thought that his long and quiet was the ruler he nails his enemies, and the strength of his aides, and his commanders.
It felt that his hands Mpsottan it a generous spend all his.
and saw that it was walking on his hands, it depends on is required by his brother or his son or his partner. But felt that his right hand went from his earnings goes riba.But felt that his left hand, the brothers deny or deny his wife or partner. But felt that his hand under his arm and then introduced and directed by her light, and the applicant is aware of won the presidency in his knowledge, but won the presidency was a merchant and a male. But his hand came out of the water it receives money.Tdlan and hands on the mattress and the boys and the state, and indicate on the deeds for anyone who takes and gives his own hands. And the right hand indicate the son or father or friend or whoever replaces you shop right. And the left hand shows a woman, mother, sister and daughter and ongoing. But felt that he had lost one of his hands indicates that the loss of some of those shown by the hand.
It felt cut off his hand indicated by the death of his brother or his friend or writer, or fell between them intimacy.
It felt in the hand in length, it would be many people at length. Beholden and cattle and generosity and kindness.
It felt sultan cut his hands and feet of non other than he repents.
It felt that it was not a hand, it lover.
of governors is of the opinion that his hands and feet cut off. He must be removed.
It felt that his hands Mqbodtan indicated Bkhalh.
and saw that it was walking on his hands used them on his pension.
It felt that hurt his hands with a knife, he marvels at everything, says {And when they saw and Okbernh and Qtan hands} .
It felt that his right stopped living paralyzed, or has committed a great sin.
It felt his hand became a gold to go to what is indicated in his hand.
It felt that his hand has become the prophet of God to guide a people on his hands and drives good and blessing to him. But felt that Okhaddb his hand in a bowl in which the blood of it is to attend trial.
and saw that it was eating his hand or some of it to do is regret it, or be unfair, says{and doer on his hands} .
and hand carved with henna humiliation fall ill or need or necessity .
and saw his right hand cut off right swear it immoral, and perhaps indicated by the theft, and cut off his hands and feet it dies, and perhaps imprisoned or under severe disease or illness, and was probably the poorest or need. It affected his hand until it became Kalrmoh it is unfair to appeal against the symptoms of people. It sets his hand cut off from his family, or diverted from his work, or be conclusive for mercy, and perhaps stopped incest and sin. Strangely enough, if he sees his hand cut off and asked them the blood hit the money and returned to his country.
It felt that he raised his hands it is poverty of money or decrease of the son or brother or science or news, and show the hand over the industry that made ​​them, and the pledge of allegiance, and the Covenant.
and perhaps Del The hands on the riches of the question.
and perhaps Del good hand on the victory over the enemies.
It felt that he closed his hands indicated the completion of the work and the province.The rancor in the hand is evidence of the corruption of religion. It had lost his hands and was entrusted by the people of good obedience to God. Although it has many on his hands del greed in this world and his interest in Pksabha. It became the seventh missed by his prayer and follow the desires. It became a left-handed, they benefit and livelihood because after hardship comes ease. [See stop]. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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