Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Indicates the harvest to facilitate the difficult and urgent livelihood.
and perhaps showed his vision of the destruction and beautiful.
It felt planted and harvested it is a country where war perished when people reap as much as in a dream Moungel. Albeit in a country where no war was the greatest harvest in the mosque, or between stores, or it is above the sparse home Seif Allah epidemic or plague. Albeit in a market of markets abounded benefits of the people and the sales took place, including the profits. Albeit in a collector of all goodness, and the people who harvest their own wages and they gain obtained by each of the harvest. If the harvest at the wrong time, or die fighting it. If planting in the green harvest is the death of young people, though in death he is planting the White Senate.It walked in planting harvested it walks among the mujahideen.


Show vision in a dream on the harvest of tribulation. If you got the green cane-cutters in transplantation is indicated by the impairment occurs.
and perhaps see them shown in the non-harvesting time on the enemy or who is right or patio.

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