Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream a lot of money for those afflicted and the richness and enter his house.It was narrated that Ibn Sirin look at the built in vigilance, he said if this were to sleep. And it was said of the saw in a dream Fleihtfez straw bag, it is money for those afflicted, and shall be visible effect it much. It was tired hay money because it does not lead to it only after tapping.
is of the opinion that he has won the straw lawful sustenance, or hoard for himself, eating something from him in a dream to eat price, or received and the severity of a drought and starvation. Even make it in the place do not fit the box thingy and cabinets indicated by the high cost of living, what to eat and the death of animals.
del hay and perhaps money to charity that it is waste of money. And the large number of hay in the country evidence of the large number of plants. Inferred on the straw and planted, D. Vtbn wheat on wheat. Beans and Hay D beans. Hay and chickpea D. So what was seen in a dream in which of the many or few returned to its origin.

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