Seeing The Hazroan In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Hazroan In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Hazroan In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Hazroan

His vision in a dream in the position it deserves proof of glory and kindness and the demise of the worries and hear the good news or melodies delicious.
and perhaps indicated by the waste of money.

Vision Hazroanat

Ibn Sirin said: Hazroanat accrue to religion, it is felt Hazaruana Well, but does not know who is it shows the height of good living and longevity and to increase the living verify that his or Universal access has increased and Bushra obtaining remuneration.

It felt: that Bashadhiroan sitting around him and his companions receive it with happiness, joy and sustenance for a broad and Murad. It was a vision Hazroan If you do not have and to verify that it changes by the other conditions of this world, and probably died in weird.

It felt: Hazaruana very small it is the lack of living, and perhaps short-lived, especially if it is disabled, their large and numerous waters that Vdd.

It felt: it transforms Hazaruana it turns from event to event, probably the late age of less than that before, especially the drive.

It felt: that in Hazroan image carved and praises a speech praising the kind of ridicule.

It felt: he sold Hazaruana or Johbh it to a directory Fleihters danger.

It felt: Hazaruana indicates good living and longevity, and whenever he was big and good quality.

It felt: he carried it on his neck Hazaruana construed to carry the secretariats of the people.

It felt: it searches for other Hazaruana it construed a space age.

It felt: Hazaruana Amishqqa outdated or it is a living proof of the narrow and old passport Balgss.

It felt: Hazaruana become green is good and blessing, though it has become a red fill this world, and became a black or blue it get worried and distressed, and the disease it became yellow, and white it has become a blessing and earn halal.

It felt: Hazaruana unknown in an unknown location, it indicates that he had collected go to the seer.

Is of the opinion: in House Hazorana the owner of the house and see good benefit.

It felt: Hazaruana Vqala in a wall and maintenance of his hand and spoke of the one it shows that the protection for him, especially if the addressee is dead, the length of life of the seer.

It felt: that Hazaruana furnished sitting it shows on the travel and get a blessing from such travel.

In all, the vision Hazroan construed to finish four ways: gain and the length of old age, money and benefit the living, though he saw the fullness is not Mahmoud. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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