Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If the fire fell from the sky hit people and smallpox disease and death, or expensive, or crayfish infected plant. And perhaps shows the sky to the Sultan or his palace. It rose to a rope ladder or received from the king the elevation, and went up without a ladder or rope earned it the fear of the Sultan and within the ego. But reached to the sky was very matter, though patients in the awake and did not return to the earth perished from his illness. The inferiority of the sky Fidel on the proximity of God and to people of good deeds and good works, and perhaps indicates that the proximity of the Imam and the Sultan and the world and the father and the husband and master.
and perhaps Del falling from the sky to land on the destruction of the Sultan that he was sick. And the fall of the sky may indicate on the ground barren. And the Arabs called the sky of rain coming from the sky. And if the sky fell on the man was sick and died in real life, and ascended to heaven Vdkhalha received the certificate and won the dignity of God. The first heaven and the subject of the moon, the moon in the interpretation of the Minister. And if he sees that in the second heaven received literature and nimble and the presidency, although the second heaven of Mercury. But felt that in the third heaven and received the blessing of my neighborhood and jewelry, although the third heaven with joy to the flower. And if he sees that in the fourth heaven got a king and the power and prestige, although the fourth heaven of the sun. But felt that in the fifth heaven, won the state police or fighting, although the fifth heaven of Mars. But felt that in the sixth heaven and kicking it and spend accordingly, and the ascetic, worship, be firm and that the sixth heaven to the buyer.
and saw that it was in the seventh heaven, it receives a drug and farmers, although the seventh heaven of Saturn. But saw that it was above the seventh heaven, it receives a great elevation, but perish. Akhaddrt the sky many transplant, and many yellow disease. The sheep came out of the sky, it spoils, and that seven out Veptlon Bgeor Sultan. And that opened the gates of heaven rain abounded. If a person sees that he stole the sky and hid it stolen copy of the Koran and paid to his wife. But saw that it was going on in the sky, then download them it learns astrology and become remembered.
and saw that it was hanging a rope from the sky, it follows authority in religion, and if he sees that the rope cut off by the still with him his power.
and saw the sky built Bhoudrth he saw bear false, interpretation of the meaning {what Ohhdtm created the heavens and the earth} .
and saw that it was fallen from the sky to the ground, it commits a great sin.
It felt that the sky out of which light is indicated to guide the people of that place, even out is indicated by the darkness of their error. And the sky a function of the country and the fort and the house and the wife, and son, mother, and Mr. and places that will please them good. The sky shows the section for those who briefed her in a dream says {and} the sky full of paths . And says {and} the sky with constellations , and saying {and} the sky and , perhaps indicated by the construction is strange, and perhaps showed the sky to the sea to its capacity, and for the creation of God. And show the sky in a dream for all above the head of the hood and roof, and what Atouky its enemies such as the ruler.
and perhaps Del Stairway to Heaven on the controversy and Aloncad with envy and enemies.
and perhaps indicates the sky of the prison, and rise to evidence raising vigor.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Heavens: (The eight heavens; Firmament; Planets; Skies) If one sees himself dwelling in the lower heaven, and if he qualifies, it means that he will be appointed at a ministerial office, or work for a minister in the government. This is because the lower heaven is the sphere of the Moon and the moon is inter-preted asa chief minister or as a secretary. The second heaven is the sphere of the planet Mercury. If one sees himself in the second heaven in a dream, it means that he will acquire knowledge, diligence and writing style. In turn, people will seek him to learn from him. The third heaven is the sphere of the planet Venus. If one sees himself in the third heaven in a dream, it means that he will prosper, or employ a female servants, or it could mean possessingjewelry and living in happiness and comforts. The fourth heaven is the sphere of the Sun. If one sees himself in the fourth heaven in a dream, it means that he will reach leadership, gain authority and win respect, or that he will serve such people. The fifth heaven is the sphere of the planet Mars. If one sees himself in the fifth heaven in a dream, it means that he will preside or leads a police squadron, a mountain patrol, a small army, a band of thieves, or manage a brothel. The sixth heaven is the sphere ofthe planet Jupiter. Ifone sees himself in the sixth heaven in a dream, it means that he will acquire deep spiritual understanding, religious assiduousness, or become a judge, if he qualifies. He also could become an ascetic, or a true worshiper and he will have strong faith, good managerial ability, or he could become a treasurer. The seventh heaven is the sphere of the planet Saturn. If one sees himself in the seventh heaven in a dream, it means that he may buy a house, a property, a farmland, or it could mean longevity. If one does not qualify to receive any of the above, then such award will reach his superiors, or someone in his progeny, or a close friend. If one sees himself standing beyond the seventh heaven in a dream, it means exaltation, though his new station will be the direct cause of his death. (Also see Mars; Jupiter; Skies)

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