Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



In a dream was born gambler. And it was said of the opinion that he died broken ankle or injury cloud or a disaster or calamity, or the intensity or distress.
It is considered that a low heel and Achilles, it receives the strength and courage and daring and heel of the celibate wife. The heels is false and those who play them in a dream. And if the patient that his ankle was broken died, and the heel of human wealth, and if the heel is still money.
It felt heel Well Mileiha That was a good omen blessed with Arovernm of marriage or the richness of a king or a server or an animal.
It felt him heels married several firstborn, for the verse  {The Mvaze for the righteous.Gardens and Onnaba. Equal age and Quaab} . [See Chess].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Heel: In a dream, heels represent one’s children or heirs. If one discovers that he has no heels in a dream, it means that he has no heirs in his family. If one’s heel


is broken or cut off in a dream, it could mean the death of his child. A broken heel in a dream also means an adventure that one will regret. A broken heel in a dream also could mean depression, calamity, sorrow, a trial, or one’s death. The right heel in a dream represents the son and the left heel represents the daughter. One’s heels in a dream also imply the conclusion of his life in this world and his judgment in the hereafter. One’s heels in a dream also represent his estate. Strong heels in a dream represent good deeds. Dark heels in a dream represent heedlessness and disobedience to the divine commands of God Almighty. Heels in a dream also signify punishment for one’s sins. One’s heels in a dream also may represent a son who is a gambler. A low heel and tendon in a dream represent a daring, courageous and a forward person. As for a bachelor, seeing his heels in a dream means marriage. Heels in a dream also mean vain talk. Playing with one’s heels in a dream means enjoying one’s success over his opponent. A broken heel in a dream means an illness. One’s heels also represent his property and money. Having no heels in a dream means losing one’s wealtho A nice looking heel in a dream means glad tidings and blessings. (Also see Body’)

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