Seeing The hell In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The hell In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The hell In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi hell

Of the saw in a dream that he had entered hell he commits a major sin. If it comes out of them without harm occurred in the problems of the world.
It is believed the fire was brought, it is located in the severity and the plight of the Sultan, do not survive, and endure a fine and losing obscene, a harbinger for him to repent and come back from what is in it, the income it will come on sin sin and immorality, which Allaah has enjoined upon the reduction, the income recognized sword it speaks to commit immoral actions. But felt that their income smiling contentedly and sexual relations, it dominates and disobey God, and if he sees that he enter the fire Figueih, introduced, and incites to commit a grave sin such as murder or adultery. And if he sees that he is still trapped in hell it is still poor in this world Mahzona denied, does not pray or fast does not mention God. But felt that he ate from Zkom hell Humaimha and Sididha it acquires sin and shed blood, and much upon his affairs.
It is felt that a black face blue eyes in hell it is accompanied by an enemy of God, Ivl and there is his face at the people, and punishable by God Almighty in the Hereafter darkness.
and saw hell in visual contact with a dream should beware of the wrath of the Sultan or Rahman.
It felt as if he entered hell, it Evtdh from every sin he does not repent of it, it felt as if he came out of the hell he repents of sin, the drink of the drink, or eat from her food, still commit sins. note or request it becomes science and not to him. Hell in a dream and a function of the demise of the post in the world, and perhaps indicated by the poverty after riches, and solitude after intimacy, and falling into adversity, and the permanent prison, and shame in this world. Shown that the wife was the wife of riot, and that was shown on the living earned haraam, and that was shown on the housing adjacent to the people of immorality and negligence. If indicated by the disease were consequences of death with a bad end, and showed the service was with a tyrant ruler, if shown on the flag was a fad, and shown to work was an act is not acceptable, and indicated the child was a son of adultery.
and perhaps Del to Hell to a question after being rich, and demonstrates the House heresy and immorality, and the church and selling houses and the fire and the bathroom and tannery and slaughterhouse and oven what kindles the fire for a reason, and demonstrates its entry on the nail with desires. As well as Alahtma, and was probably the one who insults Alahtma and nudge and the combination, and hell for the infidels and hypocrites. , And Hell to leave the show honesty, go with does not mean, and rejecting the Day of Judgment. Blaze and the demons and those who create morality. A function of the abyss and undervaluation in double and the balance, or for those souls, and did not Athaglha good work. And hell for those who dominated and preferred the life of this world, and the nadir of the employers of hypocrisy, the eating of Zkovernma or drink from Gsleynha, or its stinger move its hands, or Nhishth her ​​life, or changing skin hides her family, or drag on the face, or the deterioration of the rise on the head, or hit Bmqamha , or Nehrth Zpaniha, it is the whole and similar evidence of heresies in religion, and the participation of the oppressors, and adherence to Psonn unbelievers, and embryogenesis ethic infidels and scoffers, and violation of the Prophets and the abandonment of the pious, and apostasy from the religion, and greed money God’s eligible, and sin the Lord of the Worlds, or the denial of His Lordship and his ability and likened by creating the Almighty, and see the owner of keeper of the fire function for those who moved in the described or feed him something nice to love God and His Messenger and the believers, the Sultan, and the dimension of hypocrisy and cessation of guilt and sin and passion after misguidance, and jealousy in religion, the saw-Khazen, peace be upon him coming toward him indicated by the integrity and security of his fire, and he saw an exhibition about it, or changing it to his face, is indicated by its occurrence in his fire requires. The guards of hell are the trustees and the peacekeepers, soldiers and officers, owners, police, parents and relatives.
It is believed that the owner take Bnahith and delivered into the fire, the vision had to be his humiliation. But felt that he entered the fire and got out, it will enter Paradise, God Almighty, or affects the sin and repent of them. But felt his faculties speak to him, it is evidence of rebuke for sin, and be alert to the order of the Hereafter. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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