Seeing The helmet In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The helmet In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The helmet In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi helmet

Indicate in a dream of security from the enemy, and the money and the wife. Helmet and the egg is a function of branching head, or security from fear, or headaches.
It felt it on his head Mghafr decrease his money safe. If the egg and the value shown on a beautiful rich woman, albeit a value indicative of an ugly woman.
and saw the egg on his head was a great way. The helmet shows a man who is leader of the hardship pay to wear them, one of the King’s mandate, which is the single wife, Izz and prestige of the enemies.

Helmet: (Crash helmet; Face mask; Hard hat; Warrior’s helmet) In a dream, a helmet means safety, money, a wife, employment, travel, or one’s head. A white helmet in a dream means relaxing, or peace in one’s life, or it could mean recovering from a migraine headache. Wearing a warrior’s helmet in a dream also means safety of one’s property and protection from an accident. Wearing a rounded expensive helmet in a dream means betrothing a beautiful and a rich woman. A helmet made of iron in a dream represents a leader who defends people, or it could mean trust, status, rank, a wife, or might. Wearing a white helmet in a dream means honor and protection of one’s property. Vision helmet

The helmet shows nothing saves a person hated himself. But if the steel on his head, they indicate the strength, pride and prestige, and was told the helmet of the celibate if the high value shown on the rich beautiful, and if were not expensive value indicated by the ugly woman.

In all, the vision of the helmet shall devolve on the seven aspects: power, money and honor and was born and the survival and well-being and something to keep him hated himself. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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