Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream and sorrow are.
It felt that it had collected from his garden herb bouquet, should beware of evil. And the ground of herbs suitable by money funds, and be a man purslane germinated.Some of them said Beans are all valid, and some of them said Beans are hated.Some of them said Beans are indicated on the trade and the grief was born and money, the trade indicated they do not trade her stay, the men indicated they are soldiers. It is replaced by manna Babakl and garlic Fanalh the yoke of poverty. Felt that the herb bread replaced it escapes poverty humiliation.
It felt that eating cooked Bcola received good and benefit of all, joy and pleasure and prestige, and have a profit in every way. Foolish and purslane purslane is a function of the wishful thinking of what is not well understood.

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