Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Presidency is in a dream or travel or marriage or under way. It is felt that I traveled hood travel away, and put it on his head hit the sultan. If he saw a dirty and Mtakriqh the boss they fall ill, and as much grief that the dirt. Fell on the head that was to leave him to his boss. The young man removed his head from an unknown indicates that the death of its President. Wearing the hood upside down and change the habits of the President. Imam saw the hood of the scourge of Vtaoal in Islam and Muslims.
It felt dirty Baklnsute is evidence that the sins have been committed. The woman saw her head on the hood, they get married, and was pregnant I was born a boy. And the inauguration of the black hood of the judiciary. It gave him the Sultan cap the Crown’s mandate.
It felt on the head hood hair white, received the sultan.
It felt cap of beaver or fox or squirrel If the President authority is unjust Gshawm, though President jurist is a malignant debt, although the boss merchant is a malignant Store . The hood on asceticism show.

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