Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream indicates that HD-Amer of his name.
and perhaps showed his vision to the Prophet true near the Kings, or spy, or the man of the world a lot of controversy, and perhaps indicated by the survival of adversity and suffering.
and perhaps indicates that the knowledge of God Almighty and in laws of religion and prayer, and that saw him thirsty guided to the water. Hoopoe and a man bent upon world of stinky scent. It attributed the saw won and money, and eat it Faotah better than the caliph. And it was said of the view Hdhada came to the traveler, and was probably afraid of the safest. Hoopoe and a man sees in his work writer critic.
and saw that it was hit or Hdhada saw him standing in front of him, this is news for him from afar. And it was said of it could hit Hdhada of the Sultan, or a man of noble writer, or a visionary in matters not a religion.
and saw that it was hit Hdhada female, and was a bachelor, married, and the ongoing slaughter it marries a virgin.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Hoopoe: (zool.) In a dream, a hoopoe represents a truthful messenger, an intimate person, a spy, an arguing scholar, escape from adversities and sufferings, or leveling a building. A hoopoe in a dream also represents one who knows GQd Almighty and understands the value of the Divine Laws. Ifa thirsty person sees a hoopoe in his dream, it means that he will find water. A hoopoe in a dream also represents a great scholar who is constantly barraged with accusations and blame because of the bird’s offensive smell. Seeing a hoopoe in a dream also means profits, honor and wealth. Eating a hoopoe in a dream means receiving news from the governor, or hosting a traveller. A hoopoe in a dream also represents the kings advisor, the court’s seer, an astrologer, a writer, a scribe, or a critic. Holding a hoopoe in one’s hand in a dream means glad tidings, or profits from a business in another market or town. Owning a hoopoe in a dream means having influence over someone in authority, or it could represent a writer, or a perspicacious person but who has no religious commitment. Slaugh-tering a hoopoe in a dream means getting hold of such person. Owning a female hoopoe in a dream means getting married. Slaughtering a female hoopoe in a dream means deflowering a young girl.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the Hoopoe

It felt that it hit Hdhada or saw him standing in his hands, this story is true is it from a distant country and was told the hit Hdhada or his property, it Istmcn from the power or of a man writer Nabil or a sight to take matters is not a religion, the slaughter or oppression, it gains control a man as well as It felt that the female Hdhada hit single was married to the slaughter it and hit Evtd virgin of his flesh or feathers, it affects the money and good

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Hoopoe

The Hoopoe, it shall be construed ways:

Was an intelligent man to work that people are the hidden world. It was the vision of the owner or construed Hoopoe Messenger or a man sees in his knowledge speaks in his religion .

It felt: he was killed Hdhada it invincible scholars.

It felt: he hit Hdhada and saw him standing in front of him, this news is true it from distant lands to the verse in the story of Solomon peace be upon him “and come to thee from Sheba with sure tidings.” It was said of his hit Hdhada or it could Sultan or noble writer or a critic of sight, but minus the matters of religion.

It felt: that Hdhada slaughter or oppression, it gains control a man as well.

It felt: he hit a female Hoopoe marry it.

The vision of flesh and feathers Hoopoe Fidelan money.

In all, the vision of Hoopoe construed to four aspects: news is brought and the high degree and nail and understand.

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