Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


A woman in a dream, a free good, or a man of good speech. It was partridge meat clothing.
and saw that it was hit Hgela it affects male and a boy a boy blessed, frequently seek comfort, and recognized by the eye. But felt that he hit a female, it affects Hijleh beautiful woman, the pregnant woman had a female gives birth to it.
It felt that it Evtd Hijleh slaughter going on.
It felt that Azk Hijleh it teaches the woman talk.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of hopscotch

The hopscotch Vtúl the ways:

Kirmani said: hopscotch beautiful woman or ongoing beauty, it is felt that it held Hijleh marry .

It felt: that he had bought Hijleh it buys under way and give birth to a daughter.

And the vision of meat construed hopscotch new clothes .

It felt: he cut it Hijleh ongoing marry a virgin.

As mentioned, a Alqubj Fidel was born a beautiful woman and a female, and was told the baited Qubja benefit a lot of money from the owners of the Sultan, and was told that the injury Alqubj company of many people who show good morals and Hassan Alqubj many women.

It felt: Male Partridge affects apple of the eye.

It felt: it alive Hijleh or other of its kind, it learns to read the Koran.

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