Seeing The house In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The house In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The house In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi house

Are in a dream world of men, it is felt that it houses a new Mtinh full facilities, it is if he is poor sacked, though worried Faraj him, and that was a factor won the state as far as good house, though in sin repented, and that capacity house capacity of worldly affairs, and knowledge and generosity. Bkhalh and narrow, and her grandmother to renew his work, and Ttianha his religion, and provisions of the reach, his wives and their homes. And the Home of an iron long life to its owner. The unknown entered a house and saw the dead, they Hereafter, the thought that their income, and was not able to get out it dies, the house was Mtinh case that is good in the Hereafter. If they are of plaster and bricks indicates that the poor condition of it. The income and got out his supervision he is sick to death and then survive. If the house is alone and saw the dead, it dies all of them. If it comes out of his home angry, it locked up. The opinion that a man entered his home, it enters in his secret. If it was an evildoer in his wife betrays him or living. And the Home for the mouth of the Imam of the fair of the mouths of Muslims. It is believed that the Anhedmt his home, the house was a just Imam That notch in the mouths of some Muslims. And house building in the position of known or unknown woman that was a bachelor.
It felt a home from afar, they meted out minimum, the income of which is built of clay, and was not a single role, it worldly solver. If the minimum of the plaster is forbidden, and out of these buildings is out of this world or what one has. And if he sees that he entered a house in a modern and was standing, sang a rich, though poor sacked if the owner or occupier of the house master.
It felt that in his old house, it Fanahdmt it inherits a legacy of nearly a. It was said Who built the house some of his relatives died or one of his children. Sold his home and his wife divorced. Saw for himself the house was well done good, though narrow, ugly building shown on the bad business.
and perhaps on the house shown politeness, perhaps indicated by the fluctuation with the rotation of the age. The show house the man on his body and himself and the same because they know it and know it, the glory and Zkoh and concealment of his family.
and perhaps indicated by the money with which texture.
and perhaps showed his garment for entering it, if his body was her door, his face, and if his wife had her door, his private parts.
It felt sweep of his home that afflicted g or money suddenly. And it was said that the demise of gloom sweeping house. And it was said that the demolition of house owner’s death.
It felt that destroys new house afflicted are evil. It built or purchased by Dara hit a lot of good.
It felt that the house or yard has expanded over the surface of the known capacity in this world that was observed in living. The patient felt that he came out of the house is silent does not speak to that indicated by his death. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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