Seeing The hunger In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The hunger In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The hunger In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi hunger

D is in a dream on the dress of mourning, fear and disbelief, too little. Hunger and money to go and keen to seek the living and the craft and the world. And it was said that he saw the hungry with good hit and be careful. Some of them said better than a satiety hunger, thirst better than irrigation.
and saw that it was starving hungry after a long gain the grace of poverty. Money hungry and affects as much as it was hunger. And demonstrates the company of hunger is not good, and the ascetic fasting, and demonstrates the high cost price and poverty.
and perhaps Del hunger piety and remembrance and thanksgiving, and saw that it was hungry in the winter Mkhmsh hit him..

Hunger: In a dream, hunger means wearing the garments of mourning, being seized by fear, or tightening one’s fist. Hunger in a dream also represents financial losses, eagerness to maintain a certain level of standards, persistence in seeking one’s livelihood or pursuing one’s trade, or love for the world. Some dream interpreters prefer hunger over satiation and thist over thirst-quenching in a dream. If one sees himself hungry during the winter season in a dream, it means that he will be tried with gluttony. Ifone’s hunger lasts long in the dream, it means that he will receive benefits after a long wait. Hunger in a dream is also considered to mean money, bad company, jesting, asceticism, fasting, inflation, deprivation, poverty and perhaps sometimes it may mean piety and fear of wrongdoing, or remembering and thanking God Almighty.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of hunger

As for hunger, it is considered that it is hungry guilty.

It felt: it is hungry and he ate, it was eating desire, which is good, it shows the conversion constant, though not eating good, so he does not continue, and said to hunger shows care and the length of hope only to be at the mercy of God it is for repentance and forgiveness.

In all, the vision of hunger construed to four aspects: the best care and the guilt and greed. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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