I’m credited with a rare

meanings by Al ahsaai


 I’m credited with a rare

The son of the credit man virtuous said I saw the night in my dream if I come Pettmr and butter she ate it and then entered Paradise and said Abbas ibn Walid accelerate your dates, butter, God you heaven he was called to him Pettmr and butter and then came the polytheists he carried them Ibn Fadl then fight until he was killed, and the face of Omar may Allah be pleased with him a judge to the Levant walked and then came back from the road and said to him what your response said if I saw the sun and the moon Meet Some of the planets with the sun and some of them with the moon ‘Umar said, with whichever you said with the moon he started and do not work for me in accordance with never then read {Vmhona verse the night and made us sign the day photoreceptor ! when he was killed the man on two rows with the people of Sham

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