Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream wife and boy and beast, and travel. Color and women, such as sole color, the green was a religious woman is valid, though it is rich black, but yellow is his patient, though they are red Her decoration and splendor. Nala is wearing a patch and a married woman and her son. It walked Pferdh sole one he dies his wife.
It felt his shoe signed in the water and lost his wife die.
It felt that he take off his shoe, it follows the mandate of the verse Take off your shoes {folded} the sacred valley . After that he received the mandate and the victory over Pharaoh and his people.
It felt Ni’lin lost probably stole his donkey or mule. Although the sole of the silver woman free pretty, but it was shot a woman with a weakness, and weakness, although it was shot a woman scold, though of wood woman hypocritical traitor, though tanned cow is of the Persians, but it was leather horse is from the Arabs , although the skins of wild animals from the darkness of the sultans of the woman.
and saw that it was walking in Ni’lin Vankhalat one on his leg or his partner, his brother died. It was said Sole Brother shows. [See the sock, and see Alzerpol].

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