Interpret the vision of the head

meanings by Al ahsaai



 Interpret the vision of the head

The vision of Members, it is seen head cut off and was of the post and fork it an increase in Ibhth although it is not so Universal access money Izz and prestige is of the opinion that his head that it is a blow to the neck or something like that, it dies the President or his parents or his teachers and felt that his neck hit and that the head of it, the rich and the lack of money or poor sacked or a slave freed or owes spent God’s religion or worried Farajallah his main concern and that he was sick and his illness has no medical evidence on his death is of the opinion that his neck hit the fill and got beat Eelam (LTTE), it indicates the commission of sins a great and perhaps the atonement and punishment may indicate a human head on top of his money if he sees that his head is still with him it away with him capital with which texture and maybe shave his head or difference cap or turban in the war or the demolition of his room or the roof of his house and that was a slave sold his master is of the opinion that his head with his hand as he looked to the measure in the capital and living is of the opinion that he went with his head, it gets sick and may go his money is of the opinion that his response to his body is on three aspects of the return of money lost or return to the boss or kicking certificate is Ranh that speak to a head hit a good many of the ten to twenty thousand dirhams and saw people’s heads cut off it shows the good and the certificate is alive

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