Ironing vision

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Ironing vision

The Ironing is injured money with the large number of spent not in obedience to God and said Ironing words hurtful and probably had a ranking stable in things and maybe Del Ironing on marriages and women to give birth, and some said was ironing because of bug it shows Salah religion and worldly affairs, said some of them felt that sear with fire to prevent it shows Zakat

Interpretation of Al zahri

Ironing vision

An infection of the large number of money is spent in obedience to God Almighty for the verse, “Day protects them in the fire of hell Vtkoy the” verse.And perhaps indicated by the stingy owner, and was told Ironing hurtful words, and perhaps for those with stable positions in things, and perhaps Del Ironing on marriages and travel and for women to give birth.

Narrated that Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him said: O Messenger of Allah I saw in my chest Kien said people following the order of two years .

It felt: it stung out of him the blood or pus, the service was a resident of the Kings, it would be constant in his affairs, but otherwise his term shall be few.

It felt: that one sear or sear it hear the words of no benefit, and may affect the heart or accused of charges, though Ironing bug because it shows Salah religion and worldly affairs.

It felt: that sear with fire to prevent it shows Zakat, and may be busy for Lashkar-e-King.

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