Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a man in a dream prevents rights-headed, one of the mutants, and show his vision on the intimacy and meeting fun and play.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Jackal: In a dream, a jackal represents a man who deprives people from their rights, or one who causes evil. Ajackal in a dream also could mean friendliness, or a light and fun companionship.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Jackal

The Jackal construed aspects of it:

It is felt that contend Jackal, it indicates the occurrence of rivalry between him and his relatives, were said to prevent the Jackal man headed for the rights of Almmsuch also, and was told is a man of unjust Sfah little compassion, it is believed that he entered it his home place .

And the vision of his skin and hair and bone indicates the money, it is believed that eating his flesh Fidel to get money from the enemy as far as eating .

It felt: that he asked Jackal confused and was not able to hold him he did not show it shows for its members from the disease in the wind.

It felt: that the Jackal groping him, it shows the fear and dread of the human and the Genie.

It felt: that the Jackal play with him it shows that the adored woman.

It felt: that the Jackal run from it because it is construed to ensure a fine, and was told that the Jackal enemy or a world of his relatives.

It felt: he found the Jackal or held him or gave him one, it indicates the occurrence of the companionship of a wise enemy of his relatives.

It felt: that the Jackal ran away from it, it shows the escape owed.

It felt: a lion eating Jackal, the Awfi was sick, though in distress Faraj him, though in debt and in his religion.

It felt: as if it gains control Ahoudnh Bteke.


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