Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream D to cover things, and perhaps indicated by Comrade Alkatm secrets, and the wife that masked man on the conditions maintained by looking at other, the teacher was indicated by raising the maximum indicated by the spouse or child or house. Jackets are unknown to those who saw him in a dream, the door was in the shop is their living. Although the house is the door by their world, and jackets are old does not last.
It felt torn Stra joy and pleasure received, and the secret black are by money, and jackets at the door of the mosque are by religion. Jackets and known who sees in a dream does not hurt a particular does not help. And PSN in other positions are, melancholy, and their positions do not interpret them is of the opinion Stra on non-door or the entrance or in the position of heinous it are severe, and the fear is strong, then devolves consequences to the welfare and well-being, and bone them and the weakness is stronger and more, and slavery is easier and weaker. But felt that it cut jackets or went by, it goes from his mind worry and grief. If the curtain and saw a man marries a woman celibate conceal it from sin and poverty and need, as well as if a woman did not have a husband. Jackets on the door of the house are by women.Jackets are worn and the ephemeral. Jackets are the new long. The Ulster Branch Ripper length of urgency, and a presentation Ripper rupture display owner. Jackets are black by the King. Jackets and white or green Mahmoud consequence. If desired or felt fearful or fugitive or disappeared Cetera is on a bed cover on it. As was his main concern was the largest Jackets largest and most heinous and the greatest. And the large curtains in a dream could not be evidence of the circumstances.
and perhaps shown in the curtains on the curtain of things, and detection of evidence of Alavtdah. [See secret].

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