Jesus peace be upon him

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Jesus peace be upon him

Whom he saw in a dream it is a man of many good Mubarak, travel a lot, and is pleased with the rituals and kicking a little knowledge of the application, or it does not get hurt in that year, become an ascetic or a tourist in the land and survive, which is afraid of. It is often seen it alive and science of medicine. It is seen in a city or a mosque and the people were in the intensity or the scourge, they survive because it is the Spirit of God and His mercy, and his mother was with him is a great verse appear in that place.
It is felt that a shift in his image, or to wear a dress of Othoabh The sultan bone authority, although It was a world of benefit and have appeared many virtues, though many doctors reconcile. And that he saw and he was afraid the security, and show the vision of glory and blessing wherever, and if he saw the patient survived and recovered. And vision show on the backs of people wonder about it, and to obtain justice and prosperity. And a pregnant woman if she sees Jesus was born a boy, a doctor. And the vision of Jesus show doubt in religion, the Jews said, we killed him and crucified him, he says {and killed him and crucified him, but they almost} . He says {and the Christians call Christ the Son of God} . He says {taken} God is born .Perhaps accused seer for which of them is innocent, or perhaps lied to him or his mother.
and perhaps showed his vision of the gospel because it brought us good tidings the Prophet peace be upon him.
and possibly shown to see the answer to prayer or the anger, resentment, and because those who asked the table did not believe her and do not in Jesus Msgua pigs , as monster who attacked people in the Saturday from Moses monkeys. Shows seen on the frequency of Egypt to the Levant and from the Levant to Egypt, though the male seer inert in the start of his good-Del to bring it down from the sky that in the last decade and kill the Antichrist, and fill the earth with justice as it was filled with injustice. This indicates that the blessings come down and the destruction of unbelievers and believers.

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