Jibril, peace be upon him

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Jibril, peace be upon him

Whom he saw in a dream jubilantly declared it, and was speaking to him words of good and an admonition or a will or good news, it receives an honor and attributed the strength and nail Bishara. The victory was oppressed, though he was sick healed, but felt he was afraid of security, though they may Allah free him, or did not perform Hajj pilgrimage. But felt like the equivalent of Gabriel and Michael peace be upon them, it approves the opinion of the Jews in algebra, and proceeded to the dispute which is God.
It felt that Gabriel peace be upon him salaam to him, it becomes a senior scientist, and rise above mentioned, and among his peers is difficult. And the vision of Gabriel peace upon the Messenger of the King show, and the Secretary to the sacraments, and the gospel to bear male children. As evidenced by his vision to worship, or science, and education on the secrets to their masters. Shows seen on the validity of the soul one who oversees the damage and death.
and perhaps showed his vision on movement, movements and jihad and victory over enemies, and show his vision to look at the forensic science and astrology, and others.
It felt Gabriel peace be upon him sad, worried hit by the severity and death.
It felt that it became in the form of Gabriel peace be upon him, it would be a lot of good and generous blessings.

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