Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Shows in a dream to hasten to food dependents. It was said Jihad shows a living, and shows the path of goodness and payment, and debate the people of the prostitute and stubbornness.
and saw that it was going to win it as well as Jihad and degrees in the Hereafter. The thought that labors in the way of Allah Almighty, and fighting the infidels in Mojtahd it is his family. And effort fighting effort gain, the thought that goes into it with his weapon of jihad Muslim Mojtahd Motasem living prayer and pays zakat.
the thought that people go out for jihad, they are winning and pray for the outburst and prestige. Saw that it was fighting the infidels alone with a sword strike the right and left, he conquers his enemies. And if he sees that he killed for God’s sake receive it with joy and pleasure and sustenance Congratulations. And if he sees that in the face of invasion and expense of fighting the effort it leaves on the family, does not seek to reform their state, and the corrupts religion, and dissipate his clan in the world. Though in the invasion and saw that it was victorious in winning it earned.Jihad and the enemies of religion in a dream proof Mhakqh people of the injustice and hypocrisy, and to support them. Jihad and the evidence in the sea of poverty, failure, and in peril of falling. Jihad and the people of the prostitute in a dream indicates the triumph of religion, or for parents or the wife’s jealousy.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Jihad: (Inner and outer struggle) Joining the warriors in the battlefield in a dream means that one is a true worshiper who attends to his regular prayers and pays his charities and due alms. If one sees the people charging toward the battle-field, it means that they will receive an endowment of divine forgiveness, victory, might and unity between the believers. To die as a martyr on God’s path in a dream means joy, happiness and prosperity. Joining a jihad battle in the sea in a dream means poverty, failure and walking toward destruction. Winning a sea battle in Jihad against a tyrant in a dream means restoring one’s religious commitment, and it could represent a protective jealousy for one’s wife, or winning a struggle in favor of one’s parents. Victory in the battlefield during Jihad means profits in one’s business. Returning from a holy war against an oppressor in a dream means that one may lose his religious commitment or disobey his parents, which is a major sin in Islam. (Also see Inner struggle)

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