Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



They are in a dream, the owners of fraud to worldly matters, but to be visible from the jinn, Wise.
is of the opinion that it has become ripe dates upon strong his plot.
It felt jinn standing near his house, indicates that the loss, or that it is a vow may, he must.
It felt jinn entering his house, they work something it is evidence that the enemies walk in his house, and thieves Adrunh.
It felt as if he knew the jinn Koran, or heard it from him won the presidency and the state.
and saw that it was accompanied by the jinn in a dream indicates the closeness of the people travel, and insider secrets.
and possibly shown to see the jinn travel on land and sea, kidnapping, theft, adultery, drinking alcohol, and positions of heresy, churches, bars, singing and flute. And show their vision on the heads of sorcery and fantasy, and to disperse between Muslims and unbelievers, and ordered them and Nhiam and their deeds, it is their kindness, or forbade evil, or tell a story from The Muslim News.
It felt that he had married one of the jinn afflicted woman, slut, and perhaps bought the animal is sick, though King of the people of the king, or down on the amount of stature. The livelihood and saw that it was a son of Gin won the man of sordid gain, or money from Devin. The King saw that he held the committees Cefdhm it controls the country and takes them and capture by the infidels. If struggled elves in a dream the security of their evil, the Sraoh shot him Pkadhm and touch them and probably was among those who eat usury.
and kings of the Jinn casting leaders applicants, governors or elders or scientists or Madbe boys, or heads of security required including them from rivals.
and possibly shown to see the jinn to the fire Holocaust, or on what works with fire of glassware, or on the backs of vermin and Kaltaban live scorpion and hurt him human.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Recite the jinn

Al-Jinn indicate the security of the reader from the evil of jinn and kicking inspiration and understanding

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