Job peace be upon him

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Job peace be upon him

Show seen on the scourge and the loss of family, money, and couples.
and possibly shown to see what comes out of his money, or was born. And probably occurred in the right of the seer took to the jurist. Although the seer patients cured of his illness, he falls sick, and still with him and perhaps what was hoped for an answer of prayer, a question or need. It is wearing a dress Ayoub peace be upon him in a dream afflicted scourge and bile. The parting of the disease and the many loved ones, then that is all pass away, and be at Mamdouha senior companions. And it was said that his vision show scourge of the Annunciation, unity and glory and reward. If a woman sees in her dream wife Ayoub peace be upon him indicates that the looting of her money and detect intact and that will end to the consequences, good and safety.If he saw a patient died, and was with God, the Almighty Mrhoma, or Almighty God’s mercy and reveal her name because the harm it mercy.

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