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Of the saw in a dream that he adjusted the Crown elimination, if a merchant was fair, though logistically fuller measure and balance. Though infringe on spending and was automatically isolate it, though he was traveling the road cut it. The judge saw the development of the balance Faragh him when God reward and reward, though it Nazir Shawl balance of his sin. But felt that it is bad money weighs hear false testimony and eliminate them. And judge the unknown is God Almighty.
and saw that it was turning a judge or a wise or a good or a scientist, it affects the elevation and the male and the ascetic and the note is not that Hello it is plagued by an order void, but was traveling cut it the way.
and saw the face of the judge jubilantly declared divorced, it receives good news and happiness . The patient felt that he spends it has to be good and be healed, but felt that the patient be eliminated, it dies. The man was in dispute and saw that it was sitting in the position of the ruler or the ruling that it wins, because the ruling does not rule on himself but on the other. The judge construed known doctor.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Judge: (Man; Person) Seeing ajudge or a governor in a dream means involvement in the judicial business. If one is appointed to be a judge in a dream, it means that he will be just and righteous. If one sees himself sitting on the bench, but finds himself unable to handle people’s cases with justice, it means that he is an unjust person. If one presides over people in a dream, it means that he may be dismissed from his job. If a traveller becomes a judge in a dream, it means that he will be held up by robbers, or it could mean that God’s blessings upon him will turn into a curse. If one sees a known judge being unjust in a dream, it means that the people of that locality are inequitable and that they cheat in their weights and measures. If one sees himself standing before a judge, and if the judge treats him fairly in the dream, it means that he will find justice concerning a personal case involving himself and an adversary, or it could mean relief from depression and stress. If the judge is inequitable in the dream, it means that one will lose to his adversary. If someone sees a judge holding the scale of justice and that the scale tilts to one’s favor in the dream, it represents


glad tidings of a great reward from God Almighty for one’s deeds. However, if the scale of justice tilts to the opposite direction, then it represents a warning from God Almighty for one to repent of his sins, or abandon his involvement in a sinful ventures. If one sees the judge weighing pennies or bad monies in the scale of justice, it means that one will give a false testimony which will be accepted. If one sees himself as a judge, a wise man, a scholar, or a righteous man in a dream, it means that he will attain fame, good reputation, ascetic detachment and spiritual knowledge ifhe qualifies for that. Ifone is not suitable for such blessings, then it means that he will be falsely accused of a crime, or that he may be robbed during a trip. Ifajudge looks cheerfulin a dream, it means glad tidings. Seeing the bench of a judge in a dream means a scare or a fight. Seeing the seat of rulers, judges, speakers, scholars, or teachers in a dream means disturbance, sorrow, money, business losses, sickness, depression, or the surfacing of hidden secrets. Ifa sick person sees himself standing before ajudge in a dream, it means his death. However, if the case is decided to his favor in the dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. If one who is facing adversities sees himself sitting in the judges bench in a dream, it means that he will triumph. An unknown judge in a dream represents God Almighty. A known judge in a dream represents a physician.

meanings by Al ahsaai


 See the judge

It felt that he became a judge got his injury and the scourge but if he knew it deserves the judiciary became a judge and she was made straight conditions and saw a judge known for it affects the good and the pool even if the judge is unknown, and saw that he spent his order, it also served to him and saw the judge and his balance, it governs the creation of the right It felt a judge entered it or him sit by his side or a high place, that state pride, and perhaps see the judge indicated to the dispute and the dispute but felt that the judge sent the patient may be called by expiration

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of the judges

Ibn Sirin said: It is believed that he became a judge, a judge of character was not worthy of that gets him the damage and the scourge and the plight of the trouble and go and what his money and furniture.

Though in the way he cut off further travel and being tired, hardship and damage his property .

But if he knew it worthy of elimination becomes a judge and upright conditions are organized and its proceedings .

It felt: it has become known to a judge or a judge saw it known evidence of promotion to the upper house, mattresses Sunni.

It felt: unknown judge, the judge interpreted the unknown Balbara Almighty and his entry into force of the verse, “and Allah will judge does not overturn His ruling” and says “cut right Alvasalin which is good.”

It felt: a judge has ruled Vtobeirh as he saw.

It felt: a judge and govern it in his hand the balance between the right of creation.

It felt: a judge is viewed with care, compassion and Alatefh Blaine speech Vtobeirh closer to scientists and high regard, but felt otherwise and it is humbling and humiliating deficiency and lack of religion.

It felt: Therefore, the judge entered the Almighty and the State.

It felt: a judge seated him by his side or to a high place, that glory and splendor and honor.

And the vision of a judge known for goodness and blessing, and perhaps shown to the vision of the judge and the adversarial dispute .

But felt that the judge sent the patient may be called by expiration .

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