Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of a dream that he saw in the grapes are pressed or Qbba won a fertile, albeit a poor sacked. The people saw Aasron everywhere grapes and olives and they were in the intensity of their O_khasbwa and Faraj, albeit ill or prisoners escaped, which is it, and saw that they understand the seeker of knowledge, but felt that he married bachelor.The juice was very much with him and Cal figs and wine or milk received the sultan.
and saw that it was the era of wine grapes and make it hit the vogue at the Sultan received the money and forbidden to the story of Yusuf (AS).

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Juice: (Grapes; Sugar cane; Wine) Pressing grapes to make wine in a dream means prosperity and a good harvest. The same interpretation is given for pressing sugar cane or other fruits. If a poor person sees himselfpressing grapes to make wine in a dream, it means that he will prosper. If one sees everyone pressing grapes to make wine, or pressing olives for their eating oil in a dream when the economic conditions are down in one’s homeland, it means economic recovery. If a scholar or a student on the path, or a prisoner sees that, it means that they will escape from a potential danger. If a lender sees that, it means that he will recover his money from people. If a student on the path sees that, it means that he will succeed in his quest for knowledge. If a bachelor sees that, it means that he will get married and have many children. Making wine in a dream means good luck with one’s acquaintances, or earning unlawful and tainted money.

(Also see Extracting oils from seeds)

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