Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream speech disturbing evidence. And jump from the top to bottom paradox good condition, and the tendency to poor condition. If the upward jump is indicated by the high degree of rights, although the descending degeneration of the del.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision jump

The jump, it is felt that bounce from one position to the position it moves from place to place or shifting from one condition to another Vlienbar between the two places, which bounce from one to the other Which was the best he knows it is expressed to him.

It felt: it bounced away, it travels a long journey.

It felt: that he was acting in leap at will or a leap where he wants it to be interpreted in three ways: an interest rate of travel and support and access Arovernm with Murad.

It felt: that failed to install it and what he wanted and did not report them in the very same Vtobeirh against that, but the transition must.

It felt: it was adopted in and install it on a stick, the stick or other impervious man in turn depends on who is in this capacity, as well as what adopted by the expression of the things it would be the meaning of that and construed as attributed to him that the assets of expression.

It felt: that he has a dependent Vleensp authorized it to its essence in the interpretation.

It felt: it bounce on the river or well or excavation or shelf or so it turns to hate the state of good condition and is rescued from harm and delivers sooner.

It felt: it bounced to a man overwhelmed by it and oppress the Leapfrog force on force.

It felt: that he missed and bounced in and secure it so did not see it die.

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