Seeing The Kaaba In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Kaaba In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Kaaba In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Kaaba

Is the successor in a dream or a minister or a president. Perhaps he saw her enter from.
Kaaba is of the opinion indicates it has a fine offer or arrange it. But felt that he pray it will be safe from enemies and win good. The income of the old house, it enters the Caliph, and took something from him, it receives something from the Caliph. But felt a wall of the walls fell, it indicates the death of the caliph. And consider the security than feared. But felt that he had stolen from the Kaaba Rmana it comes with a mahram. But felt that the dead in Mecca asking it dies on the certificate. But felt that the latest disaster in the Kaaba, they afflict the Great Imam. But felt that the Kaaba at home it is still a Sultan and reputation among the people.
and saw that it was prayed over the Kaaba, it falls back from his religion.
and saw that it was hard for the Kaaba, it violates the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.
It felt Kaaba has ruined it who does not pray.
It felt a decrease or increase the Ka’bah or distortion of their position or change how she interpreted it in the Imam.
It is considered that the Ka’bah or has toured with some of the rituals he Salah in his religion.
It felt that it was oriented towards the Kaaba on the verge of what works and his religion and worldly affairs. And indicates the mosque and the mosque because it is the house of God. But felt that the Kaaba has become home to him and sought people Ozdhmoua on the door of the Sultan bestowed or science teach him or the work he does. And that emancipation was a slave master.
It felt that roams around or acting pursuant to authority of Mnaskha servants or worshipers or a scientist or a father or mother or a master advising dander.See the Kaaba

It felt Kaaba may see the Caliph or Sultan is of the opinion that the house Kaaba is still with the Caliph is of the opinion that the Kaaba in the home is still a Sultan and reputation in the people and that is not qualified, it marry an honest woman and saw her Anhedmt or drops the wall is indicated by the death of Great Imam and that he saw and did not work where nothing of the rituals he means the caliph and win it Hiiaoan saw her, and led rituals indicates that it leads to him of the debt is of the opinion that the future of the Kaaba constructive mode it is accepted as Salah religion and worldly affairs or serve the authority, and he saw the patient, it healed and be heard calling upon It felt that it toured the Ka’bah safety Dream Interpretation in Islam

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