Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Indicate his vision in a dream on the war and the deceptive, and with Hakarth Agamth and lowliness of his origin. Perhaps the sultan with his money and his son.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision Karaki

The crane construed it strange poor man, it is felt that with a bit of feathers or flesh it shows something for a poor man of strange and said to get his reward and the reward due to a poor man Ghraib.

It felt: he eats of the flesh it eats a bit of a poor man Ghraib.

It felt: that passengers on Karki, it shows his poverty and incidence in exile.

It felt: that he has a chick Karki, it demonstrates the poverty of his son.

It felt: that he has a nest Karki, it shows the poverty of his wife.

It felt: that he gave to a Krkiya it is kind to poor fine.

It felt: it takes into account the crane, it follows the mandate of the people poor.

It felt: that he heard voices out of the pike, it is worried and distressed.

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