Seeing The Kassa In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Kassa In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Kassa In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


If the bowl of wood is low and gets his money from the book. And Kassa’a and bowls show the case in the management of pension rights.
It is believed that the licking bowl, the living may run out, and had attended him.Kassa and a woman or a server. [See The vine, and see the dish.

Vision Kassa

The bowl was empty if no Bmahmodh, perhaps indicated by the disruption, and if he was what is eaten and used him to interpret it to travel and get the good and benefit.

Vision of the dish

The saucer, it interpreted by the slave woman from person to see what he loves.

Vision of the mortar

The mortars and hand Faalan Balharikin who does not stop each other from some, and if they were together on the usefulness of Fidelan Sahbhma.

It felt: one of them, it indicates a lack of interest.

It felt: that with him or gave him Haohna one it shows to get the best benefit of the partners by bone mortar and a young age.

It felt: it beats in the mortar something, it was one of the foods it shows get better and the benefit of hardship as far as that, but it was drugs, it shall be construed in three ways: if the laxatives, it indicates the decrease of the money, though astringents it shows an increase of money, though it shows the eye medications to increase the debt.

The Living End and vision Almehras

The Living End and they Almehras Aúlan Balnsoh, it is felt that nothing beats the heat in them than ever marry a woman and it is not plentiful Bmzmoma, and was a man who works Almehras construed and shall bear the hardship can not fix things for other problems. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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