Seeing The key In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The key In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The key In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi key

Is in a dream or livelihood aid or open the door of science.
and perhaps indicates the keys on boys or young men or spies or husbands to wives.
and may indicate the keys to understand what hope for the secrets of God. And the vision of the keys to ranking the country and the kings of farmer, the key victory over the enemy, says {Nasrallah and opening soon} .
It felt his hand the key with no teeth it is unfair to the orphan.
It felt his hand the key to Paradise won Nska and note or found a treasure or money halal. The key indicates the call is answered.
It felt received the keys to many great authority. The keys are cupboards because the open. And explains the key pilgrimage. The key of the iron man of good and the power of his danger.
It is felt that open door or lock it supports his enemies, and open key got what he wanted with the help of God, and open it without a key win its need prayer or charity or prayer his parents to him.
It felt that he had taken key, it affects a treasure or money from the plant floor.Though the owner of the money in his wealth to God really should fear God and out of his right to his money. Although the Kaaba keys in his hand has become a great blocker Sultan.
and saw that it was obstructed by the door did not open up to what he requires.
and perhaps Del key to enter the Dead in alone. The key to the city and it or its owner.
and perhaps Del key to the world what open it from science. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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