Seeing The Khatib In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Khatib In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Khatib In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Khatib

His vision in a dream indicates the purity and reverence, and repentance of sins and cry, and the high regard and longevity, and the link princes of the faithful. Khatib and demonstrates the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. As evidenced by the wedding and the meeting of the season. She saw the woman married a single mother.As well as the man he saw on the single indicated in his quest for the sermon itself.But felt that he became a preacher and was among those who took positions worthy of its position it deserves. Is made ​​in a dream Bashort rhetoric was Maana on what is being handled, the wearing white instead of black rose of, and Rzad his living and that wearing black was not preaching or was in a dream, sitting should prevail peers, or down by the scourge of Evtdh them.
and saw that it was preaching in season pilgrimage, not the people of his speeches, nor in his family is the people have it due to the toxic or his people, or to affect some misfortunes, or spreads mentioned goodness.
and saw that it was the best sermon, prayer and offer them to people, and they listen to his sermon, he becomes the ruler obeyed. Unless he completes his succession and is not isolated.
and saw a man and not a Muslim sermon, delivered it sooner or die. The woman saw it and remember betroth sermons gain strength, and that she was in the sermon is wise and beautiful, it is famous for including Fdh deny what women do. The governor felt that his speech was cut off his power still he completes that, and if they saw a woman marries a man betroth it valid. If she got engaged on Friday and Khatib preaches the divorce her husband and the Bold comes adultery. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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