Khattab (Omar may Allah be pleased with him)

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Khattab (Omar may Allah be pleased with him)

Whom he saw in a dream to be a long age, Mahmoud act, speaking the truth.
It felt Omar may Allah be pleased with him and shook hands and received the minimum range and insight, and maintenance. It saw him angry, surly face it and ordering the required calculation is good and forbid what is evil. It is seen in a country where drought it rained heavily, although with the injustice of justice. Of the opinion that Omar may Allah be pleased with him or beat him Baldrh Tuadh may refer the death of what it is.
and saw that it was conceived Besorth probably died a martyr. The Finale saw in the army of devout and fearing to be the owner of the Secretariat. It is seen with the Prophet peace be upon him received great good. Indicate that the right to see it in his time-based and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is common. Perhaps his vision is indicated on reconciliation after enmity and hatred after love, and asceticism in this world with the ability on them. The seer was the property of open country and established religion, as it should.

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