Seeing The King In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The King In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The King In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi King

Angels of peace be upon them. Of the saw in a dream that he spoke to the property or give him something, that testimony bless her, God willing.
It felt that the angels came down in a position, if his family in a war they were victorious, even if they are in distress Faraj them.
and perhaps Del descent of the angels on the epidemic or plague, or the princes or pimp or workers.
It is considered that fly with the angels, it receives the certificate, and win Riduan God and dignity.
and saw angels in the place, which is Ikhavhm, signed there is a war, and strife and rivalry and hostility. But felt that the angels bow down or bow to him, spent his needs, and blessed with goodness and good male. And that he saw the image of women, it is lying to God. But felt that the angels preach a son is born a son saves the world fit model. Even saw a party of angels in the town it dies there is a world or ascetic, and kills a man wronged.
and saw that it was turning the property it receives an honor and attributed.
and saw that it was fighting for the property it away from its place and dignity and rank, and gain are two mines. But felt the angels entered his house is entered by a thief. But felt that the property taken from him his gun evidence it go his wealth and his power and his behalf, and perhaps his wife died. The King saw the boy indicated the future, and he saw a young man is indicated on the present, and that he saw an old man is evidence of the past.
is of the opinion that it is the property become a priest or a fortune-teller or _meza Hmaza, although the patients is indicated by his death.
saw angels pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in his religion and the status and many of his money. If I got angels in cemeteries there Fadvin righteous. The saw angels in the market is evidence low balances.
and saw that it was struggling king received them and humiliation after splendor.
It felt that it became in the form of a king, If it is in the intensity received the vagina, though in slavery to free, though honorable won increase and the Presidency.
It saw the angels greeted him whom God in his life, insight, and seal it well. If the infidel and that the angels ask forgiveness for him and pray to him the safest.
and possibly shown to the children see the angels and the owners of the condition.And the angels of punishment if they enter the deceased has made ​​no secret of them indicated that private security was traveling, it will be safe from bandits. Indicate their vision to the Messenger of the king or his deputy, or governor, though in debt is discharged, and that he was sick healed.
and possibly seeing them shown on the interpreters who know the languages ​​of the people, they ask each and every one in his own language.

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