Seeing The kite In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The kite In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The kite In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi kite

Is the king in a dream-mentioned inert, very fork, a modest dark competent, and that the intensity of his goodness, and its proximity to the ground in flight, and lack of mistake in the catch. It Haddoh king was hunting them, it affects the property or money.
and saw that it was a brutal hit Haddoh not hunt them, not Ttauah, felt as if holding his hand, it infects a boy a boy, nor the amount of men in order to be king. The thought that went the kite him on that case, the boy is born dead, or soon it dies, and her brood females and children of women folk of the League, and the one woman who does not betray Thchm, no cover. And kite show to thieves stealing the secret, and cut down the road, and show good bluffing Makarin hide who Sadeghm. And kite show on the war and fighting. And show the gentleman or woman adulteress.

Kite l : (Small hawk) In a dream, a kite means an insouciant or a languorous ruler who is audacious, defiled and stouthearted. If one catches and trains a wild kite to hunt for him and he finds that it is not obeying him or holding fast to his wrist in a dream, it means that he will bear a son who will become a ruler. Otherwise, if the kite flies away from his wrist in the dream, it means that the fetus may die before birth. Its chicks represent boys and girls banding at wrongdoing. A kite in a dream also represents an adulterous wife and a secret affair. (See Introduction)

Kite2 : (Aircraft; Soar) In a dram, a kite represents exaltedness, rising in station, determination, or gaining respect. A kite in a dream also means being dis-missed, or banished, or it could mean sorcery and magic. If one sees himself playing with a kite in a dream, it means that he might suffer from a spell ofblack arts. If a kite falls over one’s house in a dream, it means that he will be evicted from it. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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