Seeing The Kohl In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Kohl In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Kohl In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Kohl

Is in a dream and a capital increase insight in righteousness.
It felt that I depict in his hand hit the money was a little or a lot. If a black man is not Kahlah fine.
is of the opinion that he came to Bekhal Aekhal it, it fit his religion, the eye was blind.It is misery.
It felt that Akthal Bathmd it combines the two women. If he saw a man Kahlah Voamah it takes nothing from his wealth and cunning ploy. And pristine Akthlt if they marry, as well as the widow. And Kohl in blood and ashes debauchery and marriage void.

Kohl jar: In a dream, a kohl jar represents a woman who serves others, advises them in managing their finances and teaches women about their religious and spiritual role. One’s eyes in a dream represent his religious standing while the kohl is used to beautify them or as a cure. Putting the kohl brush or stick inside a kohl jar to extract kohl powder and apply it to his eyelid in a dream means marriage for a single person, profits for a poor person, or knowledge for an ignorant person. If the kohljar contains ashes, or butter, or a foamy substance, or feces in the dream, it means that one is seeking earnings from falsehood and innovation. Akohljar in a dream also may represent a coffer, lost money, a box to keep one’s personal papers or documents. (Also see Kohl)

 The kohl it money, and if it was intended by the light of sight, it indicates the request of Salah al-Din, and if for adornment, it construed goodness of the face and the corruption of inwardly, and was wearing kohl indicates treachery and prestige for men and women, and was wearing kohl indicates the conscience of the way of truth and right, especially if Akthal without extravagance.

 It felt: it is immersed in Mroda Athmd he marry a woman.

 It felt: that it came Bekhal construed to four aspects: Salah eye and good for religion and money and increase beauty. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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