Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is the gain in a dream nasty, and probably indicates that a strict intrepid owner, or who is not ashamed as he says, does not stop when he does. And lead in a dream indicates the ordinary people and Sfelthm, it is felt that it took the bullets Istvidh money by the Magi. It took the bullets should be dissolved for him to keep what money in his hand so as not to go. If it is not rigid in his valor.
It felt that it melts the bullets quarrel in which they ordered, and is located in the tongues of the people. And lead evidence on what works from him. And gray in a dream is the owner of the weakness of the defect.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision lead

As for lead, it is felt that it affects the bullets hit the money.

It felt: that it melts the lead in trying something gets a benefit from it.

It felt: bullets in it loads construed very much money.

In all, the vision of lead shall be construed in three ways: the benefit and enjoyment server home and melted lead the functioning of people with it.

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