Seeing The leg In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The leg In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The leg In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi leg

Is in a dream of human life and living in baptism. Saw that the leg of the old iron long.Saw them from the bottles for which the approaching. But saw that it was lifting a leg extension leg with his legs turned to one another, it may near him or near him is difficult tremendously. The woman saw the leg then known whom he married or married others. If the woman revealed her legs for good debt and to become better than what it was.
It felt feet on my legs felt much Fterkph debts, and died in prison.
and saw that it was crooked leg, it becomes adulterer. Human capital and leg and his livelihood. It is considered that the leg of the iron remained with his longevity, though his leg of wood, it weakens the request for his living, and to seek his living, but felt the leg of the pottery was soon to die, or his money goes. If he has a child or an animal or a king, he went with him some of that. Although it decreased leg saw a lack of money, which it adopted, may be a shortage of age. It is sought on one leg went half his money.
It is believed that the legs of his legs cut off went all his money, and perhaps indicated by his death, only to have the vision to indicate good, it upgrade itself Bdabh riding, or indicates that coaster ride, or better done by , or a friend is received. And leg of the leg is marketed, and the foot of the offers submitted, and the heel of Alcaab, and the heel of Aloakab.
in a dream It felt good leg fat indicates that the good what leads him or driven him.And condensing the hair on the leg trick and shame women, and perhaps this indicates that the emergence of secrets and guidance after the misguided, and perhaps a leg up on Del intensity. The legs felt Melvovin indicates that the fear and scourge. Revealed evidence of left leg prayer and humiliation after splendor. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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